The website is the commercial name of HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL, a legal entity of Romanian nationality, with its registered office in the town of Str. Mihail Eminescu 97 C, Loc. Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures, having the unique tax registration code no. RO 40709827 and order number at the Trade Register: J24/683/2019.

Seller – commercial company HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL

Buyer – can be any natural person who is over 18 years old or legal person or any legal entity that makes an accommodation reservation on the Site and makes a payment.

Client – can be any natural person who is over 18 years old or legal person who has or obtains access to the CONTENT, through any means of communication made available by Hotel Gradina Morii (electronic, telephone, etc.).

User – any natural person who is over 18 years of age or legal person who accesses the Site, who, by completing the process of booking an accommodation, has given his consent to the site-specific clauses in the Terms and Conditions section.

My Basket – section of the Site that allows the Buyer/User to add the Accommodation Services they wish to purchase online.

Site – web page hosted online at and its subdomains.

Services – any accommodation or tourist service listed on the Site, to be provided by the Seller to the Buyer as a result of the concluded transaction.

Campaign – the act of exhibiting for commercial purposes, a limited number of Accommodation Units or Services, having a limited and predefined stock, for a limited period of time established by the Seller.

Content – represents:

all information on the Site that can be visited, viewed or accessed using an electronic device;
the content of any e-mail sent to Buyers by the Seller by electronic means and/or any other available means of communication;
any information communicated by any means by an employee/partner of the Seller, the Buyer, according to the contact information, specified or not by him;
information related to the Accommodation Services and/or the rates charged by the Seller in a certain period;
data relating to the Seller, or other privileged data thereof.
Review – an evaluation written by the beneficiary of a Service, evaluation based on personal experience and his ability to make qualitative comments and to say whether or not the Service complies with the specifications mentioned by the Seller.

Rating – way of expressing the degree of satisfaction of a Client/Buyer with a Service. The rating is expressed in the form of stars, Accommodation Services can receive a score from one star to five stars. This degree of satisfaction will always be associated with the review written by the Client/Buyer on a Service.

Comment – assessment or observation with a critical purpose, on the side of a Review or other comment.

Document – these Terms and Conditions.

Commercial Communications – any type of message sent by e-mail/SMS/telephone containing general and thematic information, information regarding services similar to or complementary to those the Customer has purchased, information regarding offers or promotions, information regarding to existing Services on the Site, as well as other commercial communications such as news or opinion polls.

Transaction – collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale of an Accommodation Service by Hotel Gradina Morii, to the Buyer, by using the services of the card processor approved by the Seller.

Specifications – all specifications and/or descriptions of the Services as set out in their description.

Payment with Stripe – the payment service provided by the payment processor integrated in the Site, made available to Customers/Buyers through the Site in order to make an online card payment.

Token – unique encrypted number associated with the Buyer’s payment card after making an online payment, after activating the Stripe service and which can be used by the Buyer to authorize Transactions through the Stripe service.

2.1. By booking an accommodation Service on the Site, the Buyer agrees to the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) through which the Seller conducts its commercial operations.

2.2. The notification received by the Buyer, after making the online transaction, has the role of acceptance of the Service. This notification is made electronically (e-mail) or by telephone.

2.3. For justified reasons, the Seller reserves the right to change the quantity of Services on the Site. If it changes the amount of Services transacted, it will notify the Buyer at the e-mail address or phone number provided to the Seller when making the online transaction and will return the amount paid.

2.4. The document and information made available by the Seller on the Site regarding the Accommodation Services and availability will be the basis for making the purchase.

3.1. Access to carry out an online transaction is allowed to any User.

3.2. Communication with the Seller can be done through direct interaction with him, through online support (Live Chat) if the option is active or through the addresses mentioned in the “Contact” section of the Site. The seller has the freedom to manage the information received without having to justify it.

3.3 In case of an unusually high volume of traffic coming from an Internet network, Hotel Gradina Morii reserves the right to ask Users/Buyers to manually enter captcha validation codes, in order to protect the information on the Site.

3.4. HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL can publish on the Site information about the Accommodation Services and/or promotions practiced by it, in a certain period of time and within the limit of available stock.

3.5. All rates related to the Accommodation Services presented on the Site are expressed in RON (RON) and include VAT, with the exception of local or legal taxes applied according to the legislation in force, which can be paid separately.

3.6. Under the conditions provided by law, the price of the Tourist Services displayed on the Site includes Value Added Tax. If the User/Buyer requests details regarding the exact amount added to the price of the accommodation Service, he/she will contact the Hotel Gradina Morii Reception at or at the phone numbers displayed on the Site.

3.7. In the case of online payments, the Seller is not/cannot be held responsible for any other additional costs borne by the Buyer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank of his card, in the event that the issuing currency of his differs from RON. Responsibility for this action rests solely with the Buyer.

3.8 All information used to describe the Accommodation Services available on the Site (images / video / multimedia presentations / etc.) do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of the Seller, they are used for presentation purposes.

3.9. After 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase of the accommodation Service, the Buyer may be asked to write a Review related to the purchased Service. The request will be sent to the email address entered by the Buyer in the Account. In this way, the Buyer contributes to the information of other possible Clients/Buyers and is actively involved in the development of new Services and in detailing the features of the Services as completely as possible.

4.1. The Seller may not assign and/or subcontract to a third party for Services related to the honoring of the reservation, except with the Buyer’s information, his consent being required. The Seller shall always be liable to the Buyer for all contractual obligations.

5.1. The content, as defined in the preamble, including but not limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, static images, text and/or multimedia content presented on the Site, are the exclusive property of HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL, which is i reserved all rights obtained in this regard, directly or indirectly.

5.2. The Client/Buyer is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, modify or otherwise alter, use, display, include any Content in any context other than the one originally intended by HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL, include any Content outside the Site, remove signs that signifies the copyright of HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL on the Content, as well as participation in the transfer, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the Content, except with the written consent of HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL

5.3. No Content transmitted to the Client, User or Buyer, by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by him by accessing, visiting and/or viewing does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL with respect to that content.

6.1. The Client/Buyer can make Reservations on the Site, depending on the availability provided by HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL, by selecting the desired Accommodation Services, then finalizing the Reservation by making payment through one of the expressly indicated methods. Once booked, the Service is available to the extent that there is availability for it in the time frame selected by the Customer / Buyer.

6.2. By completing the Reservation, the Buyer agrees that all the data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true on the date of placing the Reservation.

6.3. By completing the Booking, the Buyer agrees that the Seller may contact him, by any means agreed by the Seller, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the Buyer.

6.4. The Seller may cancel the Booking made by the Buyer, upon prior notice to the Buyer, without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages against the other in the following cases:

6.4.1. non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Buyer’s card, of the transaction, in the case of online payment;

6.4.2. invalidation of the transaction by the card processor approved by HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL, in the case of online payment;

6.4.3. the data provided by the Client/Buyer on the Site are incomplete and/or incorrect;

6.5. If the Buyer decides to cancel the Reservation, after the transaction has been carried out, he will contact the Reception of Hotel Gradina Morii at the addresses provided in the Contact section of the Website.

6.6. If the Reservation is paid, the Seller will partially or fully refund the amount within a maximum of 15 days from the date the Buyer informs the Seller of his decision to cancel the Reservation. The amount will be returned as follows:
6.6.1. for Reservations paid by bank card -> by refund to the account from which the payment was made or by generating a value voucher;

6.6.2. for Reservations paid with OP/iTransfer/ -> by bank transfer or by generating a value voucher;

7.1. The following are exempted from the right of withdrawal from the Reservation:

7.1.1. reservations canceled in a shorter period of time than that mentioned on the website, in the respective category, if the Buyer has confirmed that he has become aware of the conditions mentioned by HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL before making the Reservation;

7.1.2. the provision of services whose availability depends on legal regulations, imposed by the authorities, which the Seller cannot control and which may take place during the period of withdrawal of the Reservation;

8.1. HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL will keep the information of any nature that you provide confidential. The disclosure of the information provided or personal data will only be possible under the conditions mentioned in this Document.

8.2. No public statement, promotion, press release or any other way of disclosure to third parties will be made by the Buyer/Client regarding the Booking without the prior written consent of HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL

9.1. The Buyer/Customer may at any time change their option regarding the consent given to the Seller for Commercial Communications containing general and thematic information including information regarding offers or promotions, as follows:

9.1.2. by changing the Account settings;

9.1.3. by accessing the unsubscribe link displayed in the Commercial Communications received from HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL;

9.1.4. by contacting the Seller.

9.2. Following the acquisition of accommodation facilities and services within the Gradina Morii Hotel, the Seller will send the Buyer Commercial Communications regarding:

Suggested Services to be used with the purchased Service.
Special offers.
9.3. The Customer/User can unsubscribe, at any time, from the Commercial Communications mentioned in point 9.2. above by accessing the unsubscribe link displayed in the commercial messages received from HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL or by contacting Hotel Gradina Morii in this regard.

9.4. We will also use your data to conduct market research and opinion polls to improve our Service offering and shopping experience. The information obtained from this market research and opinion polls will not be used for advertising purposes, but only for those mentioned above. Your responses to market research and opinion polls will not be associated with your identity and will not be shared with third parties or published. You can object to the use of data for market research and opinion polling purposes at any time by accessing the unsubscribe link displayed in the messages sent by HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL

10.1. The prices of the Services displayed on the website include VAT. according to law.

10.2. The price, payment method and payment term are specified in each Booking. The Seller will issue an invoice to the Buyer for the purchased Services, the Buyer’s obligation being to correctly provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice in accordance with the legislation in force.

10.3. The Seller will send the Buyer the invoice related to the Reservation containing Accommodation Services sold by Hotel Gradina Morii, in electronic format, to the e-mail address mentioned by the Buyer or physically, at the Reception of the Hotel Gradina Morii

10.4. By making the Reservation and paying for the services, the Buyer expresses his agreement to receive the invoices in electronic format, to the e-mail address mentioned when making the Online Reservation.

10.5. If this information is unavailable for more than 48 hours (forty-eight), please report this aspect to the email address:

10.6. Payment through is a fast way of online payment with the card, which consists in making the payment with a single click by using the Token related to the card, without the need to enter the details related to the payment card for each Transaction .

10.7. The payment option can be activated by the User or Buyer:

a) at any time:
The Client/Buyer is directed to the payment page of the payment processor where he enters the card data to perform a transaction of 1 leu required to validate the card. After the card is validated by the issuing bank, the “strip” option is automatically activated and the token related to the registered bank card is issued. For the avoidance of any doubt, the amount of 1 leu will not be debited from the Buyer’s account, being only temporarily blocked by the bank issuing the card in order to validate the entered card data.
b) when placing a Reservation:
The Customer/Buyer places the Reservation and chooses the credit or debit card payment method, activates the “stripe” option, is redirected to the payment processor’s page, enters the card data and pays, respectively completes the Reservation.
10.8 The payment card data of the User/Buyer will not be accessible to HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL nor will they be stored by HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL or by the payment processor integrated in the Site, but only by the institution authorizing the Transaction or a another entity authorized to provide card identification data storage services, whose identity the User/Purchaser will be informed of, prior to entering the data.

11.1. The conditions of delivery of the Services sold by HOTEL GRADINA MORII SRL are available on the website, at the time of Booking.

12.1. The Seller shall not be liable for damages of any kind that the Buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the Seller’s performance of any of its obligations under the Booking and for damages resulting from the use of the Services.

12.2. The Seller reserves the right to periodically update and amend the Terms and Conditions section of the Site to reflect any changes in the manner and conditions of operation of the Site or any changes in legal requirements. The document is enforceable against Clients/Users from the moment it is displayed on the Site.

In the event of any change, we will display the modified version of the Document on the Site, which is why we ask you to periodically check the content of this Document.

13.1. Writing Reviews, Comments, Questions and Answers can be done, by Users/Buyers, via electronic mail (e-mail), in the messaging section on the Hotel Gradina Morii Facebook page or in the “Reviews” section of location on Google. The information entered can be both positive and negative, and will refer to the characteristics and usage of a service.

13.2. When registering a particular Review/Comment/Question/Answer on social networks or e-mail, Users/Customers/Buyers grant the Seller a non-exclusive, irrevocable, territorially unlimited license and give the Seller the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish , translate, distribute and display this content.

13.3. Each User/Buyer, when registering a Review/Comment or Question/Answer in the mentioned sections, undertakes to comply with the following rules:

– to refer only to the characteristics and/or the way of using a certain service, avoiding information related to aspects that can change (price or promotional offers) or information related to the way the Booking is carried out;

– use appropriate, non-offensive language, without terms that may offend or affect any other User/Client/Buyer;

– to ensure that the information entered is realistic, correct, non-deceptive and in accordance with applicable laws, thus respecting the rights of other parties, copyright, trademark or other property or privacy rights;

– not to provide or request, in any way and to any extent, personal data (contact details, home address information, phone numbers, email addresses, name and/or surname, etc.) or any other information that may cause the disclosure of such personal data;

– not to enter information and/or details about URLs (links) from other commercial sites that carry out the same commercial activity as the Seller;

13.4. In addition to a realistic assessment, when registering a Review, the Buyer can also add a Rating relevant to the related service, depending on the options available on each platform. The reviews, together with their corresponding Ratings, will influence the overall Rating of the Gradina Morii Hotel, a number that appears in parentheses next to their title. Thus, a Review accompanied by a high Rating leads to an increase in the General Rating, and a Review accompanied by a low Rating leads to a decrease in the General Rating. Users/Customers who write Reviews to which they attach photo or video files will respect the following rules:

– uploaded files will contain images and/or videos that relate to the service for which the Review is being written, ensuring that uploaded files respect copyright;

– uploaded files will not contain violence, adult content, licentious language or other content that offends an individual or group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, sexual or political orientation;

– the uploaded files will not contain information related to other people;

13.5. When a Review/Comment/Question or Answer is flagged by a User/Buyer as having inappropriate content, from a strictly subjective perspective, this content is carefully examined by Hotel Gradina Morii to determine if it violates the Site Terms and Conditions .

13.6. For notifications or complaints related to the purchased Service, Buyers have at their disposal the e-mail address published in the Contact section. The maximum term for resolving notifications is 30 calendar days from their receipt.